Saturday, December 21, 2013

Cross Country Skis & Boots, Karhu Skis, WWII Rucksack, Levi's Fleece Collar, North face Snowsuit, Snowshoe Mukluks, REI Raincoat, Patagonia Coat, Woolrich Shirtjack

 Cross country skis and boots that fit yours truly.  

 This Levi's coat is in great shape, save some ring-around-the-collar.  Going to work on that and see if I can get it white again.

 These look like snow shoe mukluks, though I'm not sure.  Canvas upper, Leather pad.

 Been wanting a goos shirt/Jack for awhile.  This one may be added to my personal collection if it fits.

 I brought this yolk home awhile ago.  The Mrs. turned it into a mantle piece.  It looks very nice!


  1. Wow what a score, those Asolo boots have to be two bills by them selves if you buy them in the store, and they look completely new as do those telmark skis.

  2. Are those telemarks? When I brought them home, I flipped them over and wondered why there were no ribs. I thought they were cross county. That would 'splain it.

    If so, they just went from keepers to sellers. ;) The boots are really nice! Almost new condition. Vibram sole!

  3. The metal edge on the skis would indicate to me they are Telemarks. Though as rigged with only the toe binding and no heel cable they were if at all set up as X country. Perhaps the manufacturer's web site could confirm the model purpose. The boots are the real deal for me and those are Telemark boots. Those are classic Italian hand made good quality pigskin. Unfortunately they don't seem to get to much for them used on ebay. Perhaps 50 $ if you are lucky. Mostly because they are a 40yr old design and everyone wants the high tech modern plastic ones. If they fit you, I'd be tempted to modify them to remove the binding tongue and use them as work/hiking boots.

  4. oh yes, forgot to mention the lack of ribs on the skis is only because the cheap X country skis do the ribs, the hard core X country guy all use wax/klister for grip when needed.

  5. When I turned them over, I told the Mrs. I thought they might need a little kick wax. I appreciate the input, I'm pretty clueless when it comes to skis. Interesting, since I live in Colorado. However, I decided that since I work with my body, I can't do downhill. If I get $. I'm going to wait for the next significant storm and give these a try.

    .....and if they don't work out, you're darn straight I'm cutting the bill off that toe and wearing them. They are well-built boots.

    When I was 20 and living in Aroostook County, I had a cheap pair of X-Country skis and boots. My buddy was between houses and I had his Alaskan Husky with me for a winter. I'd put on the skis, tie a 15 foot rope to her harness and make her pull me through the potato fields. She loved it!

    I tried on the Woolrich shirt jack last night. Fits PERFECTLY! Off to the dry cleaners it goes!

  6. CORRECTION - *I* won't be cutting off the bill.....we have a shoe repairman not far from us. I'll have him do it right.

  7. I know what you mean about body injuries putting the kibosh on income. No work = no pay. I have also given up on skiing as the pleasure to pain equation has now turned against my favor. Something about landing on my neck from a 10 foot height after a jump and having visions of becoming a paraplegic finally drove it home. About 15 odd yrs ago we did do multiple mid February trips in to Baxter traversing the park south to north on x-country skis and staying in the Lean-toos and cabins. Made it to the top of Katahdin on one of the trips as well. One year we brought along a friend who wrote a story about our trip in the Press Herald. Here is the link to the account of the trip.

  8. That was a good read. I used to love skiing (X country) when I was young. I think our land will be prime for it, as there's more snow there than here on the Front Range. Hopefully by next winter we'll have a place built.

    Reading that article reminded me of a time that me and a few buddies went into Mt. Carleton Provincial Park in the winter. Must've been back in '00. Admittedly, we did it on snowmobiles. If I could go back, I would have brought my skis.

    That Baxter trip sounds pretty awesome. Have you done it since? I noticed they mentioned you cooking in the article. I've been drooling over the food pictures on your blog!

    1. I did the trip 4 yrs in a row. First time was in 98 a south to north 5 day traverse of the park starting at Abol Bridge. Second time was same start point with over night stays at Roaring brook and Chimney Pond with a Summit of the Mt and back out. Third time was the one in the article, in and out from the north side of the park. And my last time was in 2001 in at Abol Bridge and with a 3 day stay at Daisy Pond. Our mistake was bringing Melissa in as the paper article brought much attention and increased signups for the highly regulated number of trips allowed in winter. That last time we only got the least desirable of the routings. During the trips we divided up in to cooking teams that had to cook one dinner and next mornings breakfast for every one in the party. So it turned in to a bit of a competition to see who could out do the other cooking teams. It got pretty wild with someone even bringing in a cake and strawberries and a bottle of GlenFiddich Scotch. I seem to remember folks were pleased with our cook team performance. Those Hallacas, (kind of a like a giant tamale) I made really gave you the energy to keep going all day and if you started bonking on energy we could dig up a frozen one from under out packs in the sled and gnaw on it for a bit a be all set for an other 5 miles.