Sunday, December 22, 2013

Worn Wear, by Patagonia

I ran across this piece over at  Patagonia put it together and it talks about the history of their clothing with the people that wear it.  Interesting to me was the fact that they weren't encouraging people to run to a Patagonia store and purchase the latest gear, but to pick it up however you can; second hand stores, discount outlets, hand-me-downs or the like.  

I can't afford Patagonia gear fresh from the store.  I find it on the pile at work or at the Goodwill outlet.  It's nice to see a company promote their product even if you aren't buying it directly from them.

Enjoy the watch.  There's some breathtaking videography.




  1. You know that Yvon Chouinard is a Lewiston, Maine native?

  2. I didn't! Although, with a last name like Chouinard, I should have known. I've known a few Chouinards in my day. Interesting!