Sunday, December 15, 2013

Brass Parrot, Frame Pack, Camera Lens, Live Trap, Flash, Columbia Bike, Schwinn Caliente, Peugeot, Deitz Lantern

 Brass Parrot

This one will go to Gordie LaBoom's lady. 

 Live trap for use at Santa Lucia.

I sell a lot of bikes that need work.  The key is pre-1990 obscure or popular brands.  Denver has a large bicycling population and every hipster loves having a vintage bike.  Walk around LoDo and all you'll see are Treks and old school road bikes.

 Schwinn Caliente

 Deitz #20


  1. People can be amazing in what they consider to be worthless.

  2. It blows my mind nearly every day.....but I'm certainly glad I'm around to catch some of it!