Monday, December 20, 2010

Hand Warmer......Portable Stove, However, Whatever.....

Today in the News:  I'd like to introduce the axe's new photographer, L.J., or as he told me today, since most people on the blog have an alias, you can call him "Ox".  Ox will be our new photo guy when available.  Taking photographs one handed is sometimes challenging and dangerous.  Welcome aboard, Ox.

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Hand Warmer......Portable Stove, However, Whatever.....

I had a short-lived career in the Boy Scouts.  I didn't realy fit in and, frankly, it wasn't what I thought it would be.  The only cool thing I did was hang out at a jamboree with some bushman while the rest of the scouts got drunk. The bushman was making boiled dadilion greens and bannock. I wish I coudl've learned more from him.

One weekend,  all the scouts went on an ice fishing trip.  My dad knew it was going to be a cold one. He gave me his ice fishing box with all of his tip-ups, handwarmers, and a "stove" that he made for me.  Ox was over today and I was talking about that little stove and I decided to call my dad and ask him how he made it. What I remembered from that day of ice fishing was building banks around my holes, tipping up his box and lighting the little stove.  I was the envy of my friends and we all took turns keeping warm.

The old man told me it was here it goes.

The Supplies you'll need: A sheet of corrugated cardboard, some parrafin wax, a pot you don't care about and a can. Remember when looking for a can that a lot of "cans" are now made of cardboard with foil lining. You want the real deal, metal based.

Two sticks of parrafin wax - this is a small can.
Throw a couple bricks of parrafin in the pot and melt it down on the stove.

Put the nuts in a bowl and enjoy...

Measure out the cardboard - you want a couple of pieces as tall as the can.

Mark it.

Cut it..............

Roll it up.

Add more, if needed. You want it to be tight in the can, but not too tight.

Put it in the can (make sure the can is clean).

Cut off the label.

Swish the wax around, melting it.

Point at it. The power of Mr. Hotel makes it melt faster.

Once the wax is melted, pour it slowly in the container, trying to cover as much area as possible.

Now wait, and let dry.

Once it is dry, give it a try.  I started out on the grill.

Viola.  You have a little stove/hand warmer heater. 

When you're done with it, blow it out.  Let the tin cool for a bit, put the cover on and head on down the trail.......

Hope you enjoyed this.  It is easy to do!

Pax Domini Sit Semper Vobiscum,

Mike, Oscar, Hotel.......out.


  1. very cool and excellent photos by Ox, lol.

    So how long do you think something like the size you made would last? 20 mins? or hours and hours? that seems like a project worth doing if it lasts awhile - thanks for sharing.

  2. solocanoe,

    Not sure how long it will last. I'll do a follow up article on that. I'm also concerned because the quality of the metal tin has decreased a lot since I was a kid. I want to see if the metal will buckle or distort under the heat. If I remember correctly, I did end up getting a lot of ash from mine as a kid. I want to check into that as well. Ox and I have also discussed buying another can to put on top with lots of holes so you could boil tea or make a small meal on it. Ox says thanks for the compliment on the photos. He's 11, so he could definetly use the encouragment. He's a good boy and it makes crafting even more fun when shared with someone young and enthusiastic.

  3. hey thats agood one.

    hereits known trick too,even in one older hiking guide book thats referred as "bible" they have instructions to "candles" like that.

    many of us use similar method to make our own economical cheap firestarters from these thingys paper-made egg-trays,by cutting em as small cups and pouring in some candle wax and some toss in also cardboard pieces and effective.

  4. Perkunas, funny, I was talking to my mom just this morning and she was talking about something similar! Just so you all know, I'm going to burn this thing down this weeked. I want to see how long it will last and how the tin will hold up - expect a follow up article next week!

  5. This is often called a Buddy Burner in camping books intended for young boys. They are mostly shown being made in tuna cans. I add candle wick material to mine before rolling the cardboard so that it makes the center easier to light.

  6. The would make it easier to light. I'll be working n this project more this weekend. Hali as in Halifax?

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