Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Western Cutlery Hatchet

For the pedal wheel post I mentioned that I recently found a Western Cutlery hatchet on the dump.  I didn't elaborate much on it.  Over the past few nights I've spent a fair amount of time on the wheel and I have to tell you that it sharpened up quite well.  Like cut-your-fingers-off well.  No, I didn't actually cut my fingers off, but man, I'm happy with this blade.

 Made in Boulder.  Who woulda thunk that a bunch of dope-smoking hippies could have made such a nice blade?

A few things threw me off on this blade.  Number 1, when I see lades with the nail-pulling accessory, I usually think it is junk.  Not so in this case. It is well-made with good steel.  Not only does it sharpen up well, it has nearly no cheek which I like for crafting.  Number 2, I generally don't like axes with steel-based hafts.  Why?  If you bend it, you're generally done. There is not haft replacement option.  This ads to the weight of the axe and the balance. 

Next up?  A good vinegar soak to remove the rust and ad patina.  Then onto make a sheath.  This hatchet, y far has been my best blade-related find on the dump. I was thinking about getting rid of it, but I'm changing my mind.  I think this will pair well with my Snow & Nealley camp axe.  It is definitely pack-worthy.

Look up Western cutlery on eBay.  There are a few examples out there for not-so-cheap prices.  They are asking a lot because it is worth a lot.  If you find one on the cheap, hang onto it.  I know I will.

Pax Domini Sit Semper Vobiscum,

Mike, Oscar, Hotel.....out.

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