Monday, June 20, 2011

The First Voyage of the S.S. Discovery

For Father's Day, Mrs Hotel deemed it right that we go to Evergreen Lake and try out the (old) new canoe.  I've never been one for canoeing on lakes, but I figured we'd give it a go.  At the worst, we'd be able to turn around and cut our trip short, should the Oompa-Loompas get out of hand.  We arrived early and, believe it or not, I didn't forget anything.  My dad used to load all of his gear the night before.  I'm going to start doing that.  I was rushing around like the proverbial headless chicken.

I don't think it is proper to name a canoe, is it?  I know you're supposed to name boats, but it just doesn't seem right.

Geese with their new goslings.

Here she is, mounted on the old Suby.  Notice no tie down on the front.  The Suby's bumper is loose from where I hit a tree about four years ago.  Makes tying it down a no-no.  Didn't matter.  It was fine.  Next time, I'll probably shove 'er up a bit so it rides more evenly.  Overall, not a bad day.

Items of Note:  The first thing I noticed was that I need a canoe box.  A box to store all stuff in.  I'd say my stuff, but it is really about snacks and water bottles for the kids.  Anyone have a good pattern I can borrow?

Next item:  I need a good life vest.  I borrowed the one picture from my brother-in-law.  I like it.  Any good suggestions on reasonably priced life vests?

Next item:  Give youngest child a sedative before launching.  He was a mad man and probably too young to be in the boat.

Last item:  My middle son looked at me and asked if I brought his fishing pole?  I told him he didn't own a fishing pole.  He told me I needed to take corrective action A.S.A.P.  The boy wants to fish!

Pax Domini Sit Semper Vobiscum,

Mike, Oscar, Hotel.....out.


  1. If guns can have names, I don't know why canoes (or fishing rods) can't!

  2. Great to see you out boating with the kids. I just bought us a canoe from a fellow blog owner (Perkele's Blog). He refurbished it completely. Can't wait to get it and take the fam out.

    Sounds like a sedative for the little one is a good idea. Thanks for the "tip". ;)

    Great that your boy wants to fish! Sounds like he's on a good track. Keep it up!


  3. On the life jacket - Cabela's has some really nice ones in the Bargain Cave. Just picked up a couple for me and SWMBO.

    Love the Disco. Finally sold mine when SWMBO's back got too bad to paddle. I'm suffering from a shortage of paddling partners here in the big city. The adventure gene seems to have gone recessive in these folks.

    Looking at a new solo canoe for me and the pup. I'm with your boy on the fishing. The canoe gives me more room to maneuver around my pup than the kayak does. But he does love the kayak.

    On the canoe box, I'll dig through the shop today. I think I still have the pattern I made for a marine plywood and wood strip set of boxes I made many years ago. I'll email them when I did them out.

    Keep up the adventures. The kids really need them and the guy who sets them on the right path has done a favor for the world.

    Keep the dry side up.