Monday, May 9, 2011

My Swedish Girlfriend, Part 3

She looked like a tramp, this Swedish mail-order bride, but she certainly does clean up well.  In the last post, I reviewed the basics on 'er and in this post, I'll show you a tiny bit of progress.

I've been carrying this axe in the truck for the past few weeks.  I've had absolutely no time between my two jobs to work on it.  Part of one of my jobs is sitting in a shack and charging for loads.  It can get pretty boring, but I generally fill the day with stripping copper wire for the company.  As long as my hands are busy, I'm generally a happy guy.

This past Saturday I ran out of wire at 10am.  I couldn't go out in the yard to get more in fear of missing a customer.  I went out to my truck and grabbed the Swede, some sandpaper and a little linseed oil.  I didn't take progress pictures, but I hit it with 60 grit first, then 100, the 150.  Whatever this handle is made out of, it is much softer than hickory. I took the spots on the wood that had dings and smoothed them out with my knife. 

After it was all sanded, I took a black pen and filled in the faded outlines of the three crowns on the handle.  I was pleased with how the crowns turned out.  After that, I hit it with the linseed oil.

Here she is before:

Here she is after:

I'm not going for perfect, this handle is far from it.  I'm going for function and this is just what the doctor ordered. 

Next up - Paint removal on the head, then polishing.  I also need to add a wedge until I can afford a different haft.  Stay tuned!

Pax Domini Sit Semper Vobiscum,

Mike, Oscar, Hotel.....out.


  1. You sure you want to do away with the handle? You won't find another with crowns on it!

  2. Which is precisely why I've kept it this far. Definetly a cool detail!

  3. Very nice progress so far!