Saturday, May 7, 2011

I love working at the dump.

Just so you know, I love working at the dump.  I'm learning how to operate equipment and get to look through other people's junk.  Today I gained a $200 mountain bike (in working order), a chicken water bucket and a heated chicken water bucket.  The dump, for those of you that don't know, is AWESOME.


  1. We used to love to forage at the dump, but now it is not allowed! So much good stuff thrown away!

  2. It amazes me the stuff some people will through away. Some people honestly don't know what has value and what doesn't. Others will throw something away, rather than let someone else have it, or even sell it to them. THOSE folks, I don't understand at all. I believe the proper word for them is "evil." I've had a relative or two like that, so I know they exist. Just for the record, I read of a guy in Columbus or Cleveland or some place who consistently made $60,000 a year curb raiding. Trash is great stuff! Garbage kind of sucks, though.

  3. I used to forage the dumps with my brothers when I was a kid, even then when people had less than they do now, we always used to find some useful treasures. I used to look into skips as a young adult with not much money... It's illegal now, could get prosecuted for theft...H&S strikes again? or is it bureaucratic stupidity? Is it not better to be able to re-use stuff? May it's damaging the economy because people don't buy new stuff...I don't care for whatever the reasons I am given, I don't buy them.

    Sorry...rant over!