Monday, April 11, 2011

Micro-Homestead Update

Today in the News:  We need rain.  Badly. Lots of forest fires in the area.  We haven't had any real snow this year.  I hope it pours like mad in May.

Link of the Day: - if you ever have a chance to check out the Denver store, do it.  It is simply magnificent and makes L.L. Bean and Cabela's look ridiculous.  I brought Snuffy for the first time a few years ago and when he walked in, it was as though Heaven opened up and the angels sang.

Micro-Homestead Update

So our homestead isn't even a mini-homestead, it is a micro-homestead.  We've got the Angora rabbit and, hopefully by May we'll have the chickens.  I've been working on the coop the past few weekends and it feels good.  I can't wait to get the fresh eggs from the work that we put into the chickens. 

I spent the day Saturday putting up the fence around the coop.  The neighbor kids were over and while they were all playing in the yard I puttered away at predator-proofing.  Along with the fence, I dug 1 foot trenches around the fence area and put in rocks, logs and cement. 

The cement is really for the raccoons and foxes, but my biggest fear is bears.  They come around a lot and this year I'll be sure to get some pictures of them molesting our bear-proof can.  They don't seem to understand the concept of bear-proof.  Last summer on several occasions my mother-in-law alerted us to the fact that the bears were in the yard.  I hit one with my framing hammer and chased one out of the yard with my trusty .45 in tow.  Perhaps I should consider tying down the can this year.  Not sure yet.  I'm going to put sand in the can area in hopes to get some tracks and perhaps lay plaster to involve the oompa-loompas.

I'm unsure about the times that are coming.  There is a lot of unrest in the world and I'm worried about things like inflation and skyrocketing gas prices.  As an inflation hedge, I'm going to pick up a rabbit that could be considered for meat purposes, if needed.  I don't like the idea of eating rabbit, due to the fact that I had them as pets when I was a kid.  For me, it is a bit like eating a cat.

Beyond all of this, I'm working on an electric fence.  In my heart of hearts, I really wanted to hook up a 220 volt line to it, but that's not realistic and a bit overboard.  I'll be picking up a solar fence charger from Harbor Freight, which gets mixed reviews, but is only about $60.00.  If anyone else knows of a good solar charger in that price range, email me the link.

I'm going to get a blast horn, a paintball gun and perhaps some rubber buckshot to further deter the bears.  We'll see and, as always, I'll keep you posted.

Pax Domini Sit Semper Vobiscum,

Mike, Oscar, Hotel.....out.


  1. If you've got bears, you better build a log barn around your chicken yard!

    You've never eatten CAT? I hear George Washington did - at Valley Forge.

  2. Uncle Bern always told me never to eat cat. His evidence was that when a dog pees on a plant, it grows. When a cat pees on a plant, it dies. Must have pretty foul stuff going on inside.

  3. You can't run AC for a plug-in fence charger? I doubt you'll be happy with the HF solar charger. The expensive part of solar chargers is the battery, and that's almost certainly where HF is cheaping out.