Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Can You Identify this Axe?

Today in the News:  When the economy collapses, axes will be the new gold.  Just a hunch.

Link of the Day:  Tim Smith, of Jack Mountain Bushcraft says watch who you listen to.  Just because a guy has a username of Bushmaster3000 doesn't mean he has practical experience in the field.  You can read about a lot of things, but doing them is what counts.

Can You Help Identify This Axe?

Reader Michael Sivlius writes:

I recently came across your blog page while attempting to identify an axe I just acquired. Wondering if you can help shed some light on it.
Looks like a 2 & 1/4 lb head. Do any of the markings ring a bell? Otherwise could you suggest a page where I might find some clues as to what it is.
kind regards:
Michael Silvius
Scarborough, Maine

Bernard Ten Bears suggested www.yesteryeartools.com .  I personally haven't had a chance to look.

Pax Domini Sit Semper Vobiscum,

Mike, Oscar, Hotel......out.


  1. Isearched through yesteryeartools, but couldn't find anything that came close. It's been bothering me too.

  2. Thanks, Ross. I figured if there is anyone that could track it down, it would be you. We'll keep looking. I tend to cruise old axes on Ebay - maybe something will come up.