Thursday, September 22, 2011

Swedish Army axes from Sportsman's guide-

 Swedish axes probably should have ancient runes on them somewhere; mine just have ancient scripture. Runes are harder to read and tougher to understand. On the big axe, I put a mark from Isaiah. Isaiah was talking, through God, about the King of Assyria, basically about just who did give him his power?? On the little axe I put a note from the gloomy book. The one from Ecclesiastes is attributed to Solomon, the man of wisdom...who it seems didn't have much common sense when it came to women. Strange women-good looking ones at that.

The big axe is a Hults-Bruks and the little one unmarked, only the handle says it was from the Swedish army; both are from Sportsmans Guide. The steel in the big one is as hard as a rock. The face had a little cheek, but was easily removed on the pedal wheel. Short of striking a rock, I don't think it will ever be dull again. The 19" axe had a great cutting edge, I put it to the wheel just for a start, and then hand honed it. The edge rolled right over everytime I put the hand stone to it. I'd hate to see what it would do if you put a hard file to it. It probably would fold in half. It was like sharpening a crayon. Don't buy looks good, but the steel in it is softer than the Chinese specials at the dollar store.

I'm a little dull today myself. And feeling about as deep as a cup; thus 2 paragraphs instead of 8 or 10. I do indeed hope that you are sharp, and not feeling shallow like me. I do hope you have a wonderful day; everyday is a blessing, it is always great to be alive.

Take Care,


  1. Sounds like one is too hard and the other too soft. That means that they average out about right. (Just practicing a little "government think!")

  2. Have you thought about throwing the soft head in a fire and then tempering it in the stove at around 450F?