Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sharp Words on a Sharp Axe, by Bernard Ten Bears

Sharp Words on a Sharp Axe

As I age, I need constant reminders. I do word associations in my head and revisit memories to keep them alive. I like to keep my mind as sharp as I can. I do believe that reading and music stimulate the mind to sharpness, as well as fresh air,  healthy eating, and exercise. I sure do like to tell and write stories. I do like to sing some of those stories. I do like to learn crafty things to do with my hands.

When I am out walking, trying to maintain a modicum of health, I usually walk in the woods. When I am in the woods, my axe usually comes with me. In my pack or in my hand, it's not far from me when I am out in the puckerbrush.  I do like to associate objects in my everyday life with objects mentioned in God's Word. I believe that is what the Bible is...God's Word. I was taught to respect it for what it says. Some things in that book are things that lawyerly people like to debate and tear apart and try to make it say what the original writer intended. Sometimes these giants of intellect like to make it say what they want it to say. I say, it is what it is...and it ain't what it ain't...

I hope it is no disgrace to God's Word that I like to write those words on things I own, associating the object with a scripture to make it clear in my head. One of my favorite axes is very very sharp. And so are the words that are on it's handle. I put them there myself. They are no threat to me, as I do believe that God's love for me is an act of His will and not a list of do's and don'ts for me to learn from Him. I don't believe these words are threats for me to dish out to others. They are sharp though. Sharper than my axe and worth keeping close by to remind me of something.

I put them on that haft as a reminder that my attitude is not only supposed to be focused on today and this place, but also that I can act in confidence that things on this Earth are going to change. There's Someone who came to change the order of things and that change is not complete yet. In this, I have set my hopes and dreams. Though they are hard words I can try my best to do and be that "good" mentioned in the verse. Just a few thoughts.

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  1. No disgrace, just reminders. Wisdom is passed along for a reason and we need reminders.

    I write in my baseball gloves to remind me what to teach and what the student/athletes need to be reminded of.