Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Meet the Newest Rodents on the H.H.A.F.

Today in the News:  Rabbits are the new sheep.  Goats are the new cows.  Suburbanites are the new homesteaders.  Axes are the new lawnmowers.  Recognize.

Link of the Day:  http://www.arba.net/ - These people have entirely too much time on their hands, but I respect what they do.

Meet the Newest Rodents on the H.H.A.F (Happy-Half-Acre-Farm)

So, as promised, I picked up a few more rabbits last weekend.

Meet Issy:

Issy's ideal date apparently includes a buck rabbit that bites at her cage, poops in her general vicinity and acts like an all-around turd burgular, doing acrobatics and falling flat on his dolt-like rabbit face.  Issy is much like many of the single women I know.  She is picky about what she eats and insists that she is not fat, just big boned.  Here's to you, big beautiful rabbit girl.

Meet Easter:

Easter is too young to be dating and is currently being fostered by Issy.  Hopefully, Issy won't rub off on Easter in her ways of immorality.  Upon learning Easter's name, my mother-in-law dubbed her "Feaster", due to the fact that she is a purebred New Zealand Rabbit, which are primarily used as meat rabbits.  Although we don't plan on eating Feaster, we will if we get hard up.  Easter, you best be a nice bunny, lest you be voted off the island and sent to Kenmore Broiler Heaven.

Pax Domini Sit Semper Vobiscum,

Mike, Oscar, Hotel....out.


  1. I used to raise rabbits, but not for pets!

  2. Gorges, you're going to have to post a short bio about yourself on your blog. I have a feeling you could teach us a few things!