Friday, March 4, 2011

Re-Run: The Pack Basket

The Pack Basket

When I was in Maine in August, Uncle Bern dropped a load of cool stuff on me.  One of those things was a canoe pack basket.  It was just the basket, no straps, but it was a start.  I've wanted a pack basket for a long time, but I didn't want to buy the run of the mill pack off of ebay.  This one was great, plus it was from Uncle Bern, which always means a lot to me.

I had to make straps for it.  I didn't take photos of of the process, but I bought three belt blanks at Tandy Leather and went to work.  I added snaps so I could replace the straps if the need ever came about.  I also stained them.  All in all, it turned out okay, I think. 

For show, I wanted to incorporate a brass ring Uncle Bern had given me.  It has no real function.  I just like the way it looks.  Old brass rings are heavy and durable and darn it, they just look cool.  The pack wears well and that's what matters most.  If you want to check out some really cool packs, try  Bill does some of the best work out there and, when you think about the work that goes into each basket, his prices are a bargain.

The last thing I did was to add another brass ring for an axe holder.  I sent a picture to Uncle Bern and he responded with, "What the heck is wrong with putting it in your pack basket where it belongs?"  He was right.  While it looked (marginally) cool, it made the pack ride off center.  Never good.

I hired a super model for this photo.  He didn't show up.

That's all for today.  Pax Domini Sit Semper Vobiscum.

Mike, Oscar, Hotel......Out.


  1. Nice looking basket, but Uncle Bern's right about the axe!

  2. I also agree with Uncle Bern,axe inside the pack.

    Its a really nice basket and you did a great job on the strapping.

  3. Nice pack and straps. I just retired my Grandfathers pack this season. It was a hard decision but the continued worry that something would happen to it was to much. While in W. Grand a week ago I picked up one of the new and improved versions . . . its a beast and if it get damaged no worries!