Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Woodsmen and River Drivers

Today in the News:  Tune in tomorrow for a very cool guest post by bmatt.  He'll discuss what's in his pack.  I just pre-read the article and it makes me realize......well, I don't want to spoil it!

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Woodsmen and River Drivers

I'm not a big fan of posting videos.  However, I found a site that I really like and have found several videos shot in the 1980's in my old neck of the woods (Maine).  "Woodsmen and River Drivers" documents interviews and period footage of men working the log drives on the rivers of Maine.  Most of the people being interviewed (in the '80's) had worked in logging camps in the 1920's. 

If you have time, sit back and enjoy.  This counts as today's post.  If I had to choose a time period to live in, it would probably be from the turn of the century until the 1940's.  You could still find wild places and creature comfort. There were still parts of the USA that were unsettled.  A man could still homestead in certain states.  Nobody was down on the proper use for an animal.  They used things until they were worn out and a quality product was a sign of a good company.  In less that 100 years, we have lost most of these attributes.

I certainly hope that those times return.

Click this link -----> (Woodsmen and River Drivers).  It is from Folkstreams .  I'm not posting the video here because it does have copyrights.  Beyond that, this is a great site.  I'm glad to know that there is a collection of people out there concerned with losing everything that the generations before us worked so hard to build.

If you could choose, what time period would you live in?

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  1. I think I would either like the late 1800's, simply because a man could get all the land he wanted with a little money and just plain disappear if he was so inclined, or somewhere around the 1950's and 60's just for the modernish conveniences you could find while still having a slow pace and plenty of land and access to resources in the small areas. Much like where I live, from the stories I hear from people that lived here then, it was a woodsman, outdoors-man, and shooter's paradise. No one rushed around, if you felt like going to the woods you didn't even think about who owned which acres ... because everyone knew others wouldn't trash their land. I guess right now, being rushed with school, I'm really wishing for a slower pace without computers, cell phones, and other distractions.

  2. Without modern medicine. I'd have never lived to see adulthood, so I wouldn't DARE go back more than 10 years before I was born! (I'm 55.)

    Smart mink.

    You have to really WANT to find that particular subject on that link, but it IS there!

  3. Just started watching the video. Looks like it'll be good!

    I'd have to say it would be pretty interesting to live around the turn of the century (1900).