Friday, February 25, 2011

A Letter From Council Tool

I usually post Sunday Night through Thursday Night, but I thought this was worth posting over the weekend.  Got a letter from Council Tool today.  You probably did as well, if you're on their list.  Here it is.  I certainly would like to see better pictures of the axe.  I imagine Ross over at the woodtrekker blog will get his hands on one of these soon.  Would love to see a review.


Exciting news! The first Velvicut® axes are nearing completion, and they are stunning.
With Velvicut® tools, seasoned Council Tool craftsmen combine 125 years of tool making know-how, modern techniques, and excellent materials. Premium axes are drop forged from alloy steel for strength and toughness. Heads are rough ground and profiled in a robotic work cell. Bits are quenched and tempered for superior edge holding. Bit sharpening is by hand – and an experienced one at that – with increasingly fine grit abrasives and finished with leather. Custom handles, selected for grain orientation and density, are grade “A” American hickory, white sapwood, or red hardwood. Axe heads are lightly oiled and left unpainted to showcase the natural steel beauty.
This top-of-the-line, world class axe is made for the serious user, collector, outdoorsman, or tool aficionado. It is not for everyone but rather for those who seek the best.

Your package will include the axe and leather sheath in a commemorative box and is $169.95. Every component is Made in USA.
Call 866-646-3011 to reserve yours now.

Pax Domini Sit Semper Vobiscum,

Mike, Oscar, Hotel....out.

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