Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bean Bread

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Bean Bread

Bean bread is a good product for the home or trail.  What is bean bread?  Take a look:

Molasses bread in a can.  This version has raisins and, in my humble opinion, it certainly is delicious.  I like to have a few cans in storage and mostly eat it on the trail.  This bread is made by Burnham and Morrill (otherwise known as B&M), out of Portland, Maine.  B&M was purchased by B&G Foods in 1999 and B&G have continued production of this delicious treat.  If you've every driven north on the I-295 through Portland, you can see the factory on your right, just as you're leaving Portland city limits. 

I'm sure I've eaten a lot of bean bread in my earlier years, but the first time I remember really being aware of it was in 2006.  Mrs. Hotel and I were on a trip home to Maine.  Uncle Bern, true to his usual form, invited us down into the woods for tea. He brought along some bean bread and I, as well as Mrs. Hotel, really enjoyed it. 

I know that I had eaten it before, but like most things when you're a child, I took it for granted.  Uncle Bern is a connoisseur of all things classic.  I'm glad he cooked us bread over the fire that day. 

Mrs. Hotel is a real food snob.  I don't mean that in a bad way.  When we were first dating, back when she was still old and I was young and handsome, she sent me to the store for butter.  I knew that she was a healthy eater, so I picked her up a tub of "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter".  When I returned to her apartment, I was scolded for bringing home a non-food item and was promptly sent back to the store for real butter.  I knew nothing about nutrition at the time.  Let me tell you, I learned quickly!

My point is this;  Mrs. Hotel mostly approves of the ingredients of Bean Bread.  She states that the ingredients are basic, which is her biggest rule for the food that we consume. 

Here it is.  This is the last can in my stock.  My doctor has recommended that I give up gluten in my diet, so beginning on Ash Wednesday, I will be giving it up for lent and reevaluating after Easter.  I might add that Bean Bread is getting harder to find on store shelves, at least here in Colorado.  You can order some online, which will probably be my next move, if they decide I'm not allergic to Gluten (which would really, really bite).

The expiration date reads 2010.  Don't believe everything you're told.  This bread was F-I-N-E- fine.  Manufacturers are told to put expiration dates on cans to protect them against liability issues.  If the can isn't damaged, rusty or been exposed to extreme temperatures, dig in.  If it has a funny smell, hold off.  If it has mold and you decide to eat it, you deserve the consequences. ;)

Pax Domini Sit Semper Vobiscum,

Mike, Oscar, Hotel.....out.

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  1. Now to research the maker and get hold of some of this stuff.

    Thanks for the heads up.