Thursday, January 6, 2011

Horse Logging

Today in the News:  No news is good news.  I believe we're going ahead with documenting the buffalo harvest this weekend.  I've received all positive responses and I'm very excited about it.  I've been reading up recipes for buffalo tongue and, while Mrs. Hotel refuses to cook it, my wonderful Mother-in-law has offered to take on the job.  I am not a good cook.  My M.I.L is.  I want this to be a good experience, so we'll let her do it the right way.

If you have a guest article you would like posted here, please send it to . I think I may be taking next week off from blogging to get ahead on articles.  I haven't set this in stone I may or may not be here next week.  If you'd like to keep things hopping, send me a guest article, if not, you can enjoy not hearing me rant next week. :)

Links of the Day are provided below in the form of videos.

When I was a boy, my parents would take me to Mattawamkeag, Maine for the annual horse and pony pulls.  I remember watching the beasts work to pull the heaviest of loads through the dirt.  I was always impressed by that and loved to watch the show.  

I have a fairly large plot of land back east and will eventually build a cabin (or have a cabin built) on it.  In a few years, it will need to be harvested.  I'd love to have someone who knows horse logging to come and do it.  I'm just not sure how economical or realistic it would be.  In dreaming about that, I've posted these videos about horse logging.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. 

Pax Domini Sit Semper Vobiscum,

Mike, Oscar, Hotel......out.

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