Monday, December 27, 2010

28 Inch Mistake?

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28 Inch Mistake?

I wrote about trying to fit my Snow and Nealley head on a 28" handle last week here.

As it turned out, the old EDC knife (CRKT Full Throttle) doesn't like hickory. At all.  Like, not even a little.  I have to admit that since it is my EDC I abuse it a lot.  I use it as a screwdriver, scrape gum off the floor, scrape paint off of windows, slice open metal cans, get the idea.

I'm not really a knife guy, but that needs to change soon.  I got back to the axe handle and tried 3 knives:

My Smith and Wesson (top), a knife my grandfather gave me (middle), and, well, it isn't really a knife, but a box cutter.

I bought the S&W on sale at Big 5 when it was on sale for $10.00.  Normal price was near $50.00.  While I like this knife fr EDC, it is not a $50.00 knife.

And this proves it.  While it was slightly better than the CRKT, it still didn't like hickory - and I had just sharpened it.

Next up, Gramp's knife.  Home run.

It is an Eagle Brand Cutlery, Parker Custom series.  Gramp gave me this knife after I shot my first white tail.  I didn't have a knife to field dress the deer.  He scolded me a bit and later gave me this knife.  It is scary sharp and has no lock.  I have sliced myself open with it before and don't use it much.  I don't like to use the word "scared", but I'm a little scared of it.

I shaved it down, being careful not to take off too much.

....tried the head. 

Huston, we have a problem.  The handle appears to be too small for the head.  Am I missing something here?

So I tried it on a cheap Collins I had laying around.

No deal.

I'm at a loss.  Time for a bigger handle?  Leave me a comment!

Pax Dmini Sit Semper Vobiscum,

Mike, Oscar, Hotel....out.


  1. You can probably turn that helve into a tomahawk or belt axe helve. And you did learn something.

  2. Great site. I visit daily. I'd like to see more pictures of Bush life, off the grid life and camp structure. Here is a useful link.

  3. It should fit that hudson bay you posted a while ago with a little work. looks like the eye on the S&N is designed for a bigger handle. most store bought handles are about 2 inches longer anyway, a 34 inch handle would be quite nice on it.

  4. - LeLoup, indeed my wise friend. Learning is what this blog is all about. :)

    Joe, Thanks for the comment!! I love when people come out of the dark and comment. Thanks for reading - I checked that link. That's my frame of mind, although I don't express it here on the blog.

    Eric - the hudson bay is actually going to be featured early next week or late this week. I got some interesting news on it. Stay tuned!