Saturday, November 27, 2010

What I'm reading....

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Doing a lot of reading this weekend and not doing a lot of doing.  One of the books I'm reading is Firearms, Traps and Tools of the Mountain Men, by Carl P. Russell.  So far all I have read is the chapter on axes, but I have to tell you that this guy must've taken years to write this book.  It has every detail of every axe starting with the white man's first contact with the native Americans.  I discusses what tribe like what axe and how American blacksmiths messed with something that hadn't been messed with in hundreds of years; the design of the axe. 

The book goes onto discuss the types of firearms, traps and other kit used by those working their way westward pretty much from the time the white man put foot on this continent.  Russell gives facts, not idea or rumors to the readers.  He scoured ship manifests, Hudson's Bay documents.......everything to cover this book.  This is quite literally the ENCYCLOPEDIA of the tools of that era.  I'm reading slowly and deliberately.  There's no way I'll suck it all in.  I got this one from the local library, but I WILL be adding it to my collection, no doubt.  Renew your library card or hit Amazon - this book is worth reading.

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  1. Wow, I'd love to get my hands on a copy of that book. Looks like great reading!

    What does it say about the Hudson Bay camp knife?