Monday, November 29, 2010

Spokeshave review

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Link of the Day: Song of the Spokeshave.

I really wanted a spoke shave.  What for, you might ask?  Why not - I might reply?  I've been working slowly over the past year on my wood carving skills and thought it might be the next step in my wood crafting skills. Look up "Song of the Spokeshave" on youtube.  That'll make you want one. I looked on ebay.  You never know what you're going to get.  I looked online, still you never know.  Then I saw that Harbor Freight Tools had one for $6.99 on sale. Score.

I went and picked it up and really didn't look at it closely.  However, you should always examine the tool you're buying when a majority of the product from the store comes from the depths of the P.R.C.  Okay, I made the mistake. 

I got it home and it looked okay. 

So I brought it out to the shed and immediately (tried) to shave down a pine board with it.  Tried being the key word.  It skipped across the board taking out chunks.  So I applied more pressure.  No deal.  I applied less pressure.  No deal.  So I took it apart to look at the blade, which was duller than a fart.  So I sharpened it.  And it cut even worse.  One thing I noticed - it was put together with two different screws.

Bottom line is, it is a piece of crap.  It might be good for hitting someone upside the head if you had to in a defensive situation, but really, keep your money.  Buy an old one off ebay.  Call Don at Pole and Paddle.  He might have something laying around.  I guess the only exception is if you can't afford a brick, buy one of these and chuck it through somebody's window.

Pax Domini Sit Semper Vobiscum,

Mike, Oscar, Hotel.....out


  1. Thanks! I've been looking for something to remove a few windows, but dang, bricks are just so cliche nowadays. Seriously though, that sucks! That's the price paid for HF though, and yes... I've been bitten a few times myself. You'd think I would learn by now but every once in a while you do find a real gem there. At least this served some good, I was going to check out HF one day for some hand tools and if I had seen that I would probably have gotten it, Alas, my quest to abandon electrical machines continues. Sorry again man, think you could get a refund?

  2. By the time I drove down the mountain, I would've spent as much in gas. I'll figure some use for it.