Sunday, November 14, 2010

Guest Writing Competition

Okay, so I want Guest writers.  I've been begging for them.  Thanks to those that have taken part.  I'm upping the ante, but not by much.  I picked up two axe heads at a yard sale today.  One is a single bit Collins, the other is a double bit and it has a nice coat of rust on it so I can't find a name. Both look to be in reasonably unused condition, with the exception of a few dents and dings.

First prize - The Collins head, in as is condition.  Not sharpened, not de-rusted.  It is what it is.

Second Prize - The Double Bit.  Doesn't look used much at all.  Could be K-mart, Could be the holy grail.  Who knows?

Third Prize - Magnesium block and striker.  Not the best, not the worst, brand new.  From Harbor Freight.

The Winners will be announced on Thanksgiving Day, 2010.

To cast your vote for the winning article, send and email with the article name in the subject line to :

For any questions, please contact me directly at

Requirements - Write about anything bushcraft or axe related.  Document a camping trip.  Show us how to make something, cook over an open fire - the sky is the limit.  Keep it clean and keep it real.  No plagiarism, please.  If you are among the item winners, I will ship the item to you at my expense.  No returns.

If you're planning on writing a guest article, email me at, so I can help you understand the format I use so your pictures end up in the right place in the article.

Pax Domini Sit Semper Vobiscum!

Mike, Oscar, Hotel....out!

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