Sunday, October 31, 2010

Weird axe?

I'm updating this post.  I stole pics off the fleabay.  See below for more thoughts.

So I'm updating this post - thanks for the great responses, bmatt and WanderingThinker.  I hit up Uncle Bern on this one. In addition to axe knowledge, he's quite a historian, as well.  He took two stabs at it, on would be similar to a barking spud, the other, he thought, might be "...possibly used to pound oakum into the cracks/spaces between the boards on a sailing ship (thus possibly a ship/boat building tool)."

I never thought about nautical possibilities.  Funny thing, when I think of Snow and Nealley, I think straight up woodsman.  However, being based in Bangor, Maine, they were Smack in the middle of big timber country and not too far from the coast, so it really is a possibility.  Winterport, Maine (about a 20 minute drive outside of Bangor), I think has tidal inlet going on, even though it isn't directly on the ocean.

Good thoughts so far, guys.  I'm not even sure where you'd get a handle for it.  Probably have to make one.  Even as a collector's piece, it'd be cool.

Anyone seen one like this?  Strange!


  1. I've never seen it before but it could be an early craftsman's ax for felling and general shaping, but I'm not sure. The beveled edge could also be something like a wedge or malw (not sure on spelling)or maybe even something to help get a flush cut when removing limbs. Very interesting!

  2. That is indeed an interesting axe head. Could the poll have been used for some kind of scraping/bark removal? Maybe TWT is right, i.e. it's for limbing (dead limbs?).


  3. Whomever gets it will have a piece of history. I love stuff like that. Who knows, it could even be like the double-stamped penny. Maybe an S&N blacksmith was just screwing around one day and made that!

  4. hmm, maybe I should bid on it instead of getting a new Estwing camper. Though, I am VERY partial to the light ax. Decisions decisions...

  5. Review the post again, made some changes.

  6. Ah, I can see how the wedge would work for sealing a ship. Great update!